About this blog

The original intent of this blog was to explain how Professional Development is created and implemented at MNTH.  However, it has grown into something else.

On a whim when school opened, I created an Another Awesome Week at Manor New Tech article as a tribute to Mrs. Spikes’ telephone greeting, “Hello, It’s another awesome day at Manor New Tech.  How may I help you?”

Then that article grew into a weekly habit.  Now this blog has evolved into a weekly fan letter about all the things going on at MNTH because I am one of the few MNTH staff members that can see what’s going on throughout campus on any given week.  One of my duties as instructional coach is to give teachers regular walk through feedback on their instruction.  This role lets me see what’s going on in multiple classrooms at our school.

Since I’ve started this blog my role has expanded due to the retirement of my co-instructional coach, Stephanie Ehler.  I went from supporting 14 teachers to 28 teachers.  I’m still settling into my expanded role.  Once I’m more settled, I will add another layer to this blog that explores its original intent – to discuss the creation and implementation of MNTH Prof Dev on our campus.



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