Another Awesome Week @ManorNewTech (Week 33)

Week 33 was the STARR End-of-Course assessment week throughout the state of Texas.  Our students took the STAAR End of Course exams in Algebra I, US History, and Biology and our seniors took the AP Calculus exam.


On Monday, students in Ms. Valderrama’s classrooms gave each other early revision feedback on their After Effects essays using the Group Sharing strategy.  On sticky notes, they recorded each other’s theses and they recorded evidence that did not support their theses.


On Tuesday, students took the STAAR Algebra I test.  We used Desmos Test Mode focused by the Casper app for the first time.  Students were given a choice of using  graphing calculators or iPads with the Desmos app.  Most chose the latter.  Mr. Merced took the lead in charging, focusing and organizing the iPads to match the testing seating chart.  We were nervous about using this new technology on a high stakes test.  Fortunately, the Casper focusing app worked perfectly; the app focused all the students’ iPads into the Desmos Test Mode application.


On Tuesday, students in Mr. Foster’s and Mr. Beckett’s 9th grade Integrated Physics and Engineering class put the finishing touches on their wired apartment prototypes.  The teams designed and built proof of concept designs of electrically wired, 3-room apartments.  While creating these products, students applied what they had learned about series and parallel electrical circuits.


On Wednesday, at least one student got really into the US History final review song – We Didn’t Start the Fire.  Hopefully he applied the same energy to the actual test.


On Friday, the students in Mr. Fishman’s Electronics class and Mrs. Garner’s Art class presented their interactive, electrically-powered cultures.  The sculpture in the left has blue and white LEDs that turn on and off in time to music played by an iPad connected to the sculpture.  The students’ sculptures were placed throughout the school.  The presenting classes got to travel all around the school to view presentations near different art installations.


On Friday, the Student Council gave appreciation lanyards to all the teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week.  Also, throughout the week various parents and staff members kept bringing us a stream of baked treats.


On Friday, students who took the AP Calculus exam on Thursday got to celebrate by visiting Six Flags!


On Friday, the Wee Blue Beasties club went on a Dream Hacks field trip.


Throughout the week, the Robotics team worked on polishing their workspace and their skills.  They designed and built tables, shelving and other storage solutions for the Robotics workshop, the Mothership.


For our moment of zen, here is Mr. Garcia taking time out to play chess with a student during Quad time.



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