Another Awesome Week @ManorNewTech (Week 32)

Week 32 marked the last week of test prep prior to the End of Course (EOC) Assessments in Week 33.  Despite the high stakes review going on throughout the campus, the students still got opportunities to express themselves and be creative while communicating their learnings.


On Monday, the science and math teams met to hear about team leaders’ Mr. Ray’s and Ms. DiMaria’s NCTM takeaways and related follow-up plans.  They aim to build relationships among science and math teachers so that math teachers can help science teachers scaffold mathematics in science projects and science teachers can help math teachers find authentic contexts to frame math in mathematics projects.


On Tuesday, students in Ms. Thompson’s Creative Writing class presented an International Fashion show that was enjoyed by nearly half the study body during 2nd period.  The fashion show featured surprise tiny guests, Mr. Merced’s sons, modeling traditional South Korean clothing.  The show demonstrated the students’ research on how teens dress in countries from throughout the world.  The students collaborated as an entire class to market, produce, model, emcee, and DJ the event.  It was very successful.  The models, DJ, and emcees captivated a large audience throughout their entire show.


On Wednesday, students in Mr. Rodriguez’ class finished up final preparations for their Modern Family presentations.  In their presentations, students will present an original coat of arms that represents their family names.  They will explain how they created and modernized the design and how their color and symbol choices represent the meanings of their family names.


On Thursday, students in Ms. Harden’s class presented their Big Data projects.  They used database techniques and tools to answer questions relating to a wide variety of topics: anime, video games, capital punishment, etc.  While watching their presentations I learned about techniques and tools such as automatic summarization and Google Correlate.


On Thursday, students from Mr. Fishman’s electronics class and Mrs. Garner’s art class met again to collaborate on their Beautiful Circuits projects.  The students will use art and electronic techniques to design interactive kinetic pieces of art.


Throughout the day on Thursday, the seniors in Ms. Young’s and Mr. Santos’ Senior Humanities class performed in the Annual MNTHS Poetry Slam.  Their performances were really powerful.  Many students made themselves really vulnerable while they shared the intimate details of their lives and inner thoughts with the audience.  Many people were moved to tears while watching their presentations.


Throughout the week, the juniors in Ms. Tillson’s and Ms. Thompson’s Humanities class reviewed for the US History End of Course exam.  The teachers tried to make the review as interesting and interactive as possible.  The students played historical dominoes, Kahoot and other academic games while they updated an extensive review graphic organizer.


Students in Mr. Adeboyejo’s Biology class prepared throughout the week for the Biology End of Course exam.  They reviewed information in stations activities and practiced answers STAAR questions by playing STAAR baseball.


Finally on Friday, seniors visited the University of Texas at Austin and celebrated their College-In Sign Day.

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