Another Awesome Week @ManorNewTech (Week 30)

Week 30 marked an Awesome end to our 5th Six Weeks grading period.  During this week, our students worked hard and played hard while wrapping up this six weeks on a strong note.


On Sunday, I went with art teacher Mrs. Garner to watch a Physics-inspired art show called It Been Moving.  Watching the show helped me to really appreciate the interactions and the sounds of mundane objects.  The show has had a lingering effect on me.  All week I’ve been appreciating the sights and sounds of little things I normally filter out.



On Monday, our school met for a Family Circle assembly.  Our seniors facilitated a Mummy Game to remind students to “wrap up” the grading period strong by persevering and turning in assignments.


On Monday, students in Mr. Beckett’s and Mr. Foster’s class learned how to use multimeters to measure current and voltage.  They used these skills to gather data that illustrated interesting patterns in the behaviors of series and parallel circuits.


On Monday, students in Mr. Humphrey’s and Ms. Castro’s Freshman Humanities class live chatted with a scholar, Aaron Smith, from the Ayn Rand Institute.  They had a lively Q & A session about the book they are reading by Ayn Rand called Anthem.  They also discussed and debated the politics of capitalism and collectivism.


On Wednesday, novice teachers at our school met up with secondary novice teachers from throughout Manor ISD.  In this district facilitated meeting, they shared their proud moments, technology tips, classroom management tips, and their collaboration tips and they also offered up ideas for next year’s professional development activities.



On Wednesday and Thursday, I was the substitute Physical Education teacher.  Our students really know how to amicably use our TINY gym to play ALL the sports.  Here is a class playing full court basketball, full court volleyball, and indoor soccer all at the same time.


In addition, a couple seniors are using the gym to gather data for Mrs. Pedroza’s Statistics class.  They are gathering data to measure the impact of shooting drills on the accuracy of their basketball shorts.


On Thursday, students in Ms. Valderrama’s Advanced Audio Visual class did a Critical Friends session on their movie remake trailers.  They watched each other’s films and offered oral and written Critical Friends feedback  to all teams.  On Friday, they used that feedback to refine their trailers.


On Friday, our school had many visitors who were CTE (Career & Technology Eduction) directors from throughout Texas.  Here are our visitors interacting with our students during a tour of our campus.


On Friday, students in Mrs. Garner’s Art class and Mr. Fishman’s Electronics class went on a field trip to The Contemporary Austin.  They are gathering inspiration for the Beautiful Circuits project.  Art and electronics students will team up to create electronic, interactive pieces of art in this integrated Art/Electronics project.


For our moments of zen, here is an image (left) of students playing one of our favorite playground games (Ninja) with their math teacher, Mr. Deidehban.  On the right are the collaged covers of my new Professional Development and my new To Do notebooks.

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