Another Awesome Teacher (Episode 1)

I’m excited to share the first episode of the Another Awesome Teacher podcast.  I’m calling it my First Penguin episode after the first penguin that dives into the sea and runs the risk of being the first victim of a killer whale.  First Penguins are risk takers and the brave soul who agreed to be my first penguin was Holly Davis.

Holly was extremely gracious.  She agreed to let me interview her just as Thanksgiving vacation started.  She put her vacation on pause for an hour in order to share why she teaches and what she has found to be most effective during her 19 year career.  The end result was a 30 minute podcast full of earnest and tested advice that has validity for new and veteran teachers.

 I learned how to use the basic features of Audacity to put the podcast together.  It sounds like a First Penguin effort.  Although I know this podcast sounds raw, I’m still publishing it because Holly’s content is just too good to wait.

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